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From Film Lab to Backpack: how colour grading gear is now ultra-portable

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At IBC this year, we had a chat with world renowned colourist Kevin Shaw about how his role has changed over the years, and how a new generation of monitors has become essential to his day-to-day work.

The job of a colourist has changed hugely since the role's early days 30 or so years ago. And so have the deadlines required to complete the work! Not only that, but the way in which work is assessed and commissioned has changed, too, with colourists now expected to travel extensively to the client, rather than the other way around.

To do this effectively has required a huge shift in both the capability and portability of equipment. One such piece of gear is the Asus ProArt Display PQ22UC HDR monitor. Such a monitor, which uses an RGB OLED system allows colours to be reproduced accurately even at high luminance levels.

We caught up with world renowned colourist Kevin Shaw to discuss with him how his work has changed, and also how such a monitor allows him to carry out his job much more effectively in today's fast paced production world.


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