Resolve 16 and - We are entering a transformative phase in video production

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There are some incredible developments happening in video right now as we release our second video roundup of NAB 2019. But first Dave and Bas have to decide on what they want for dinner.

It's time for our second video roundup of NAB2019, and things are getting extremely interesting.'s new integration via its now public API into DaVinci Resolve 16 is an indication that we are undergoing what is most likely to be the most transformative way in which we deal with post production.

The idea that you can upload a video file, live to, and then place that onto a Resolve timeline remotely at full quality in some other part of the world almost as soon as it is shot will be a game changer for the democratisation of video production across all budget levels. Dave and Bas discuss all this and more in todays roundup.

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