Teradek shows off its new 4K gear at NAB 2019

Written by RedShark News Staff

Teradek's range of wireless video systems just got a major update at NAB with brand new 4K versions abound. We caught up with the company at NAB 2019 to talk about the capabilities of the new gear.

If you need low latency wireless video on set, Teradek's range of systems should be at the top of your list of considerations. But until now these have been resolutely HD in nature. Enter Teradek's new range of devices, which take the low/zero latency capabilities of the existing devices and enables 4K resolutions. To achieve this sort of latency at such high resolutions is a pretty solid achievement given how accessible the Teradek products are in terms of price.

In the video below, Bas Goossens catches up with the company at NAB 2019 to talk about everything new the company has to offer. We were impressed.

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