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RedShark MediaRedShark Connect NYC October 2018

If you're in or near NYC on 18th October, head up to Brooklyn to our latest RedShark Connect Event. If you're interested in 8K and/or Full Frame cinematography, this is the event for you. And even if you're not ready for either yet, come and see where the future starts. You can register below. 

We're calling our next RedShark event:  Working with 8K and Full Frame Video Content for Content Creators, and it's for anyone interested in the cutting edge present and the near future of filmmaking. 

It doesn't matter whether you're ready for 8K or full frame yet: come along and you'll see what it's like to capture in 8K and work in 8K. This is a real, completely functional workflow and we'll show you that it's a practical way to work, with huge advantages. 

We'll be joined by our partners, RED, FUJINON, SmallHD, G-Technology and Adobe. 

RedShark Connect is a series of events around the world designed for filmmakers at all levels who are thirsty for more real-world information and experience. It's technology and craft with top level experts from manufacturers, all in one place.

And what a place!

Join us at Creative Solutions NY (CSNY), in Brooklyn's ultra-hip Greenpoint neighborhood, for an evening of food, beer and cinema production gear. There is simply no nicer place to meet your peers and our partners, who are experts in all aspects of 8K and Full Frame workflows.

Test out cameras from RED, lenses from FUJINON and on-camera field monitors from SmallHD. Then, see how easy and fast working with large files can be, with the storage experts from G-Technology and post workflow professionals from Adobe.

You'll learn some new techniques, discover new kit and technology and meet interesting new creative friends and colleagues. It's an ideal place to network and maybe even plan new projects together

There will be food, soft drinks and wine/ beer to keep your energy levels up. Best of all, it's all completely free.

About RedShark Connect:

RedShark Connect is a series of intimate, pop-up events in global creative hubs designed to connect filmmakers with moving image tech companies working together to create real world examples of best-in-class production and post workflows.

Please note that by RSVP'ing to this event you agree to having your email address shared with the event hosts. However you are free to unsubscribe by informing us at check in or at a later date by email.

Click here to register

And take a look at our previous RedShark Connect event, held in Amsterdam in September 2018. 



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