Tutorial Roundup: Practical, Timesaving Lighting Tricks [sponsored]

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Want to make your footage shine? We’ve pulled together some of the most insightful and practical filmmaking-related video tutorials from around the web. This time, we’ve honed in on one topic in particular: set lighting.

The super-useful (and super-easy) tricks we found will help you save a whole lot of time, effort and money when lighting your set. So, ready to up your lighting game? Then dive into these excellent tutorials by the folks at Shutterstock and PremiumBeat.

Light your entire scene in one go

Getting the lighting right for each shot in a scene is a time consuming, but essential, process. But, as this tutorial shows, when you’re in a pinch, there are ways to set up lights quickly and efficiently when needed. The guys at PremiumBeat shot their very own short film to show you how to do just that.  

By lighting their set in a 360-degree friendly way, they were able to capture the entire scene using the same light set-up. No matter where they placed their camera, the lighting was just right. Take a look at the short film and video tutorial to see how they did it.

Easy ways to light interview shoots

If you’re new to filming interviews, you’ll want to keep this video tutorial close at hand. These tips from Shutterstock will have you well prepared for a smooth and successful shoot, with minimal time spent setting up lights.

Plus, the tutorial includes handy advice on how to put together a practical, portable lighting kit. Check it out.   

Build your own wireless China Ball light

So, you’ve found the ideal shooting location. The only problem is that there’s no power for lighting and your budget doesn’t allow for your own generator. Well, here’s the perfect lighting solution, and it will only set you back $200 of less.

This fascinating tutorial by the team at PremiumBeat will show you how to make your own wireless China Ball light that can provide some seriously cinematic-looks. With an 8-hour battery pack, this DIY lighting rig is perfect for shooting on location and on a budget. Take a look now and get building.

3 super-affordable ways to diffuse light

Diffusing light is the best way to give your footage a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. This Shutterstock tutorial offers some affordable alternatives to diffusion frames and soft boxes etc. From using frost rolls to diffuse light, all the way to a shower curtain, these practical tips will help get rid of any harsh light and give your work a soft, natural glow.

See these great tips now.

Adding lens flares in post

Technically not an on-set lighting technique, but this tutorial was too good not to include here. This video by PremiumBeat shows you how to add light effects in post, specifically, lens flares.

The tutorial walks you through how to use lens flare pack, Lucent Warm. Authentically shot, using Cooke S4 Prime lenses, Lucent Warm’s collection of 140 different lens flares is a great way to give your work a radiant hit. Give the tutorial a try and see how you can amp-up your project.

Now it’s time for you to try out these lighting tricks for yourself. We’ll be back soon with another tutorial roundup to help you sharpen your filmmaking skills.

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