Bolt 10K: New visually lossless long distance transmitter from Teradek

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Teradek has become a bit of a force to reckon with in the world of wireless video. With NAB fast approaching the company has announce two new products that could quickly find a very useful purpose.

Bolt 10K

The is a very compact video transmitter that looks to be ideal for use on drones or in other situations where long distance wireless video transmission is required.

Teradek claims that the Bolt 10K is capable of a visually lossless video feed with zero delay up to 10,000 ft in distance. In other words around 2 miles. If true this is an impressive achievement, not just for client monitoring of shots, but because it offers an opportunity to make high quality, ground based recordings as insurance.

The receiver works with any Bolt 3000 system and includes an integrated panel array antenna, Gold or V-mount battery plate, a 3G-SDI output, and a 3/8” screw hole for versatile mounting.

Teradek does stress that only Bolt 3000 transmitters work with the Bolt 10K, however.

The is available for shipping from March 26th with a list price of $6990.

BOLT 10K_SIDE 01.jpg

Side view of the Teradek Bolt 10K showing the Gold Mount battery mount, and the 3G-SDI and HDMI ports

Bolt Manager

The new Bolt Manager has been designed to help users quickly set up and configure their wireless video systems without the need for a computer. Functionality includes the ability to pair multiple receivers, change channels, update firmware, and configure regional settings.

The Bolt Manager is also available for shipping from the 26th March for $999.

Bolt Manager_Front_Antennas._bga.jpg

The Bolt Manager promises to make setting up multiple wireless video transmitters easy

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