31 Oct 2017

Panasonic EVA1 unleashed and now shipping!

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The most hotly anticipated camera of the year has now truly arrived The most hotly anticipated camera of the year has now truly arrived Panasonic


It's one of the most hotly anticipated camera releases of the year, and you can now officially get your hands on one. The Panasonic EVA1 is now being delivered.

The Panasonic EVA1 has been eagerly awaited ever since it was first announced. Essentially a mini, affordable Varicam, complete with colour matching to that camera, the physical release of the EVA1 probably couldn't have come too soon.

We had heard rumours of delays, but such talk seems to have been squashed into the ground by the official announcement today that the camera is now officially shipping.

To recap the reasons why many people (including all of us at RedShark) are looking forward to testing this new camera out, it features a 5.7K sensor, dual native ISO, 14 stops of dynamic range, along with variable frame rate capabilities and 10-bit internal recording. All within a nicely compact package. It looks to be a very versatile 'do it all' camera.

As followers of it may know, the oversampled 5.7K figure is an important one, because it allows it to produce a true 4K picture after the de-bayer process has been applied, and should ensure that maximum amount of resolution makes it to the final recording with minimal to zero issues such as aliasing.

The light weight of the body, at 1.2kg, will make it ideal for drone work, as well as being a highly portable documentary camera. The fact that it uses an EF mount instead of previous camera's MFT mounts means that it's versatility is further enhanced. Future firmware updates are also promising new capabilities such as 5.7K raw output to third party recorders, as well as 400Mb/s intraframe recording. Make no mistake, we think that the compelling features of the EVA1 will mean that it will be a very popular camera indeed.

Whilst it is true that there are other alternative cameras out there of a comparable mass and sensor size, there aren't any that have such a capable internal recording system, or features such as the dual native ISO, and such simple matching to the existing VariCam line. The suggested list price of $7475 is also a tad lower than we previously expected.

Read on for the official press release from Panasonic on the next page.

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