Loopable Video Backgrounds to Enhance Creative Projects [sponsored]

Written by RedShark News Staff

RocketStockLoopable backgrounds are a powerful tool in any editor's armoury

Video backgrounds have a pretty tough job. These often overlooked components put in a lot of hard work but get little glory in return. That’s because a good background element blends in with the action rather than calls attention to itself. A thankless task but a super vital one.

Whether made up of subtle moving shapes or more complex effects, you’ll often see video backgrounds being used behind on-screen text or as a backing for chroma keyed hosts. Working on more of a subconscious level, a well-chosen background can have a huge effect on a viewer’s perception of the tone and quality of a production.

The team at RocketStock have made the tricky job of finding the right video background a whole lot easier. They’ve crafted a pack of 100 premium backgrounds designed to work hard behind the scenes without distracting from the message at hand.

Their latest pack, Canvas, is built for everyone from professional videographers to casual YouTube creators. Bundled into 10 unique themes including sci-fi, equalizers, clean, and more, Canvas is a perfect fit for a huge range of video styles and genres. From awards videos to product reviews to corporate presentations, this pack has you covered.

Another great feature is that low contrast presets allow your foreground elements to shine. Each background is loopable too, so no matter the length of your video you can get your background to match seamlessly.

Of course, the demo says it best. Watch the video above to see how Canvas can make your next video shine. Then head over to RocketStock.com to get these awesome elements for yourself.

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