5 Music Playlists to Build Your Video’s Ideal Soundtrack [sponsored]

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No matter the type of video you’re working on, there’s one tool that’s guaranteed to heighten your project’s impact: music. After all, there’s nothing quite as powerful as the pairing of the right track with the right footage.

Often, one of your primary goals as a filmmaker is to get viewers to feel a particular emotion. To this end, your musical choices can help immensely. If you need to inspire, motivate, or get hearts racing, a well-chosen track can lead your audience to where you need them to be.

Luckily, the team over at production music website PremiumBeat have you covered. As well as their extensive library of royalty free music, they’ve also compiled project-specific playlists. Here we’ve pulled out 5 of their hand-picked music collections. Now you can focus on making great videos rather than searching for tracks.

Intense Music for Trailers


Editing a film trailer is a high-pressure task. You need to cram a lot of detail into a video that’s usually under 3 minutes long. Curating an attention-grabbing soundtrack can help tie all the various elements together. With this playlist, the music for your next intense, action-heavy video or film trailer has been sorted.

Take a listen to PremiumBeat’s selection of intense trailer music.

Elegant Songs for Wedding Videos


Filming a wedding video is a large responsibility to take on. It’s your work that’ll form the couple’s perception of their big day. Whether going for elegant, playful or whimsical, your musical picks play a vital role in establishing your video’s identity. With this diverse royalty free wedding music playlist, you’ll be able to set the scene in style.

Carefree Tracks for Travel Vlogs

Travel vlogging must be one of the best jobs in the world. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the world’s most beautiful destinations and get paid for it too. If you want your travel video to stand out from the crowd, the right music can make all the difference. With this uplifting playlist, you’ll inject your video with a seriously inspirational vibe.

High-Flying Tunes for Aerial Footage


Adding an aerial or drone shot to your video can give your project an instant big budget feel. So too can the right track. Featuring powerful orchestral music and soaring instrumentals, this PremiumBeat playlist is a great compliment for high-flying footage. Take a listen and find your perfect cue.

Extreme Music for GoPro Videos


Often used for extreme sports videos, GoPro footage has an unbeatable ability to drop your audience right there in the action. Posting your extreme adventures on YouTube? Adding a GoPro video into a larger project? Take advantage of a hand-picked selection of royalty free music and elevate your video to exciting new heights.

Can’t find the track you need in these playlists? Over at PremiumBeat there’s a whole library of great tracks to discover. Next time you’re building your video’s soundtrack, head to their site, take a listen, and pick the best match in seconds!

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