First Canon EOS C200 footage surfaces

Written by RedShark News Staff

Canon Suomi / Pasi SalminenMeanwhile at a skatepark in Helsinki...

As far as we can tell, this footage shot in Helsinki in May was the first Canon C200 footage posted on the web.

Posted on YouTube by Canon Suomi, it was shot by Canon Nordic Photographer Pasi Salminen on May 27 with a Canon EOS C200 pre-production model in 4K UHD MP4 format and downgraded to HD.

There's not much you can tell from it really - it was a pretty washed out day in the Finnish capital and YouTube once more works its compression magic - but it shows that footage is out there. Everyone will now be keeping their eyes very much open for the first Cinema RAW Light footage to hit the interwebs. More to come on that soon we expect...


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