MustHD goes hyper-bright [video]

Written by RedShark News Staff

MustHDNone more bright: MustHDs 703 series map up to 2200nits

In another of our NAB showfloor videos, Kerry Reuer, Director of Marketing at MustHD showcases the company's now shipping 703 series 2200 nit monitor.

As anyone who has been to Vegas knows, the light is unforgiving in the extreme. In the middle of the giant LVCC that houses NAB, that's all fine. But what if you want to head outside and shoot something under the desert sun? Unless you really want to kludge together a Rube Goldberg-esque melange of screens and hoods, that's when you need a hyper-bright monitor.

"A typical monitor is only about 400 to 500 nits, this is 2200," says Kerry Reuer. "One area where this is going to be really important is with drone flying. They can't see where they're flying their drone and this gets rid of that problem: you can see where it's going and what your shot's going to look at."

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