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Matrox addresses the Closed Caption gap [video]

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RedSharkDan Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager at Matrox

Dan Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager at Matrox, on the latest developments in the company's Monarch streaming platforms at NAB 2017.

Plenty of stuff to talk about from Matrox at this year's NAB, but one of the main new products is a way of answering the fact that the FCC's mandate that Closed Captions have to be provided both on-air and online expands out to video clips on 1 July this year. 

Essentially, video clips must be captioned if shown online and the associated programming is shown on TV in the US with captions. Live programming sees a 12-hour delay permitted, near-live an 8-hour delay. Archive is affected too.

"Broadcasters have invested a number of years ago in delivering Closed Captions over the air," explains Dan. 'Now with Monarch HDX they can bring those captions online. The deadline is looming."

More in the video below.

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