Pond5 - 7.2 million clips and growing [video]

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Pond5A still from a single Pond5 clip. Another 7,199,999 where that came from

Pond5 claims it has the world's largest collection of royalty free stock footage and, as Dave Shapton found out when he talked to CEO, Jason Teichman, the numbers that means are seriously impressive.

Pond5 has made a lot of its reputation not just on the quality of its footage but on the relationship it builds with the artists that produce it, allowing them to price their own footage and share the proceeds with them 50/50. As a result, about a third of that content is exclusive.

What's more, there is a lot of it.

"We have over 7.2 million clips on our collection now and we're adding to that at the rate of 10 to 20,000 clips each day from 60,000 contributors in 150 countries," says Teichman. "Over one million of them are 4K and that's growing," he adds.

Find out more, and also about the roll-out of the company's new Global Partner Program, below.


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