SmallHD goes UltraBright and up to 2500 nits

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SmallHDBright spark: The new SmallHD 703 monitor displays up to 2500 nits

SmallHD is on a bit of a run of late, and has just introduced two new 5in and 7in HD UltraBright monitors running on LEMO power.

The new $2499 5-in 503 monitor displays up to 2200 nits while the $2999 7-in 703 displays 2500-nits. Both feature a 10-bit, 1920x1080 IPS LCD optically bonded Gorilla Glass screen with LEMO power, and both also offer HDR Preview, allowing users to tweak the display for more accurate on-set exposure adjustment.

Both units feature SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs featuring built-in cross conversion. A Dual View function allows either two SDI or an SDI and an HDMI input to be displayed side-by-side, which the company points out is going to be an advantage for A/B camera set-ups or viewing LOG and DeLOG footage onset.

Both also have and integrated 2-pin 12V LEMO input for powering the monitor and native mounting solutions for both Anton Bauer Gold/V-mount and Sony L-Series dual battery plates. Indeed, apart from the size and brighttness, the main difference between the two appears to be that the 703 also boasts LEMO out.

In common with the rest of the SmallHD range they also feature 3D LUT support, HD Waveform and scopes, Focus and Exposure Assists, and PageBuilder OS for menu customisation.

The UltraBrights are available for pre-ordering now with a ship date that just states ‘March’. There are though some early adopter bundles running for the duration of the month which drop the unit prices down to $2199 and $2599 respectively and throw in some extras such as cabling and a case.

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