RedShark Live: How to shoot for HDR

Written by RedShark News Staff

RedShark NewsWant to find out how/ be here at 16.00 GMT tomorrow...

Tune in here later today for a live show discussing all that’s good, fascinating and challenging about HDR. We’ll have expert guests in the studio and you’ll be able to interact with us in real-time.

HDR has exploded onto the scene and the good news is that most professional cameras are capable of shooting HDR footage. HDR TVs are coming into the shops and thanks to the likes of Netflix, we’ll be able to get HDR content delivered to our homes. 

Perhaps the best thing about HDR is that even the most bleary-eyed viewers can see not just a difference but an improvement. That’s why HDR will most likely spread quickly, and it’s what will generate the demand for HDR content. 

We’re demonstrating our commitment to live video with a show this Tuesday at 16:00 GMT, 11am Eastern. We like live video because it’s authentic, viewers can interact with their questions and comments, and because absolutely anything can happen, and usually, it does!

In our UK studio we’ll have two HDR experts: Phil Rhodes, RedShark’s Technical Editor and cinematographer, and Lewis Brown, Global Product Manager for Atomos (Makers of the Flame and Inferno range of HDR recorder/Monitors). 

Click here to see the show on Tuesday at 16:00 GMT (11:00am Eastern), or click on the banner at the top of the site. You’ll be taken to a Livestream page that will have the video player, and a chat sidebar for you to send us your questions and comments during the broadcast.

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