The spectacular Zeiss Cinema Zoom lenses: video review

Written by RedShark News Staff

Sparky FilmThe ARRI Amira and Zeiss Cinema Zooms are a daily arresting combination

Mark McCarthy from Sparky Film is back with another exclusive video review for RedShark, this time of the elegant new Zeiss Cinema Zoom lenses.

As Mark says: “One thing that is always a good investment is a good set of glass.”

Mark’s review looks at the 15-30mm, 28-80mm, and 70-200mm Zeiss Cinema Zoom lenses, which have a common aperture of T2.9, and provides plenty of footage of them action. At around £15,000 each they certainly qualify as a serious investment, but the interchangeable mount range is already picking up a fairly stellar reputation for low distortion, high resolution and excellent color rendition.

“I’ve had previous experience using the Zeiss CP.2 range of compact prime lenses and I really enjoy the cool look they give you,” Mark says in his intro to the video. “So I’m quite excited to see the pictures these deliver when used in combination with our ARRI Amira.”

You can see what he thinks, and the pictures the lenses help produce below.

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