Live now! The Panasonic GH5, all you need to know, and New Tech for 2017

Written by RedShark News Staff

PanasonicLive with you at 16.00 GMT / 11am eastern: the Panasonic GH5 (plus guests)

RedShark has obtained one of the very first production-quality Panasonic GH5 cameras and we'll have expert Richard Payne from Holdan talking live with RedShark Editor-In-Chief, David Shapton, about the camera from our studio. We'll also have Jason Diamond, Cinematographer, live from NYC. 

Update: We had a great show. Thre were some audio problems but we got through it. We'll fix them next time. Unfortunately, if you go to the Livestream page (below) The audio is very, very low (particularly from my mic!) We'll see if we can fix this and put a better version up on YouTube. You can hear most of the audio if you turn the volume right up - especially if you listen on headphones. Finally - today's Pro Tip: Don't even think of doing a live TV show until you've checked the audio at least ten times. 


We'll have all the latest information about this massively important camera and you'll have an opportunity to ask questions in realtime on Twitter (@redsharknews) and by email to

We will also have NYC-based cinematographer and VR expert Jason Diamond on hand to talk about what new technology we can expect to see further on in 2017.

Come back to this article at 4:00pm London/11AM Eastern to see the show. And if you watch through the Livestream Viewer you can post your comments and ask questions live in the dialogue box to the side. 

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