ARRI's Pro accessories for the Canon C700

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

Canon / Arri / RedShark NewsArri will support the Canon C700 with Pro Accessories.

ARRI is now supporting the Canon C700 by producing accessories for it, further underscoring the fact that the company makes more than cameras.

While ARRI, in some circles, has become synonymous with the cameras it makes, particularly the Alexa and its variants, the company has a rich history of developing and marketing lighting instruments and other production gear. In that vein, perhaps it should not come as a surprise that the company has jumped into the camera accessories market for the Canon C700. ARRI similarly supports the Canon C300 with a line of Pro accessories for it.

However, in many use cases, the Canon C700 could be seen as a direct competitor to ARRI's camera offerings (the Amira comes to mind). Of course, this could speak to the confidence that ARRI has in its own cameras. Or it could be an indication that the Canon C700 is becoming an important camera in its own right. Either way, this news should be of great interest to Canon C700 users and operators.

Here's a list of the Arri's Pro Camera Accessories for the Canon EOS C700, which have been endorsed by Canon, as taken from ARRI's recent press release:

ARRI Plate for Canon C700

This hybrid base plate adapts to documentary-style setups as well as traditional rental configurations. It allows precise balancing of the camera on the shoulder and features a comfortable non-slip shoulder pad for effective handheld operating, even with a studio bridge plate attached.

ARRI Top Plate for Canon C700

This lightweight low-mode support features built-in rod support for lens motors and viewfinder mounts. It offers accessory threads at the most convenient, versatile positions, as well as interfaces for most ARRI handles. The original Canon accessories, such as the handle and microphone bracket, are also compatible with this top plate.

ARRI Viewfinder Bracket for Canon EVF

This viewfinder adapter sits permanently in place of the original EVF mechanical interface. The bracket offers a quick release system, as well as compatibility with all current viewfinder mounting brackets in the ARRI camera range.

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