Atomos widens Log support with OS 7.12 & drops HDR prices

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AtomosShogun Inferno: now more bang for your buck

Atomos’ latest firmware release for its monitor/recorders widens support for Log shooting against a backdrop of bullish moves designed to kickstart HDR production, including seasonal price drops.

The new OS 7.12, which is a free download, broadens Log support to include Sony S-Log, FujiFilm Log and Canon C-Log 3. This is in addition to previous support for Panasonic, JVC, Canon, Sony, RED and ARRI log curves.

The announcement though has been almost lost in the sort of retail frenzy that the now globalised phenomenon of Black Friday brings to all industries, even this one.

Basically, the company is now running a limited time cash back and trade-in program which gives up to $500 cash back on the AtomHDR range. This brings the price of the HDR, high bright monitor/recorders down to non-HDR, monitor only prices, which could be a very welcome thing given all the other things that people tend to have to buy this time of year.

So, as a result, you can get the Shogun Flame (MSRP $1695), for $1395 w/cash back or $1195 w/cash back & Shogun trade-in. Ninja Flame, MSRP $1295, is down to $1095 w/cash back or $895 w/cash back & Shogun trade-in. And the Ninja Blade, MSRP $495, is down to $395 w/cash back or $320 w/cash back & Ninja2 trade-in.

The trade-in option is only available for the first 500 or so claims, but has been widened to include faulty units (though this is pegged at about half the value). The good news though is that the cashback offer stretches all the way through to 31st January 2017, effectively dropping the price of the Shogun Flame by around 18% all the way through to spring.

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