19 Sep 2016

Panasonic unveils new GH5 prototype

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Due in the first half of 2017: The new Panasonic GH5 Due in the first half of 2017: The new Panasonic GH5 Canon


Photokina has opened with a bang as Panasonic has announced its new GH5 camera, which will offer what the company says is a world's first 4K 60p/50p and 4K 30p with 4:2:2 10-bit when it is released in the first half of next year.


Well we've just been given a tantalising glimpse of the new GH5 from the Panasonic press conference at PhotoKina today.

And it is only a glimpse because we're told the camera is only at prototype stage right now and won't be shipping until the "first half" of 2017. So expect it any time between the beginning of January and the end of June.

Please understand that this is very approximate information - details were scant and we've had no independent verification. As soon as the official press release arrives, we'll append it to this article and make corrections if necessary. [Update: Press release now available - below]

The rumours that the camera would shoot 6K video have proved to be at least partially true. What we understand is that the camera will shoot 30 fps at 6K resolution. You will then be able to extract a 6K still image (enough for a 38" enlargement) that is made from 18 megapixels.

An approximately 8-megapixel equivalent ‘4K PHOTO’ can be extracted from a video shot at 60 fps.

We don't think you'll be able to shoot continuous video at 6K - but you can see the direction this is going. 

Now it is possible to spin this as being a half measure: 6K video but not really. But there's something much more important than this here. It's that "Hybrid" photograhy - where stills are extracted from extremely high resolution video - is now most definitely a thing. This, almost certainly, is the next direction that still photography will take. Essentially, you will take stills using video.

One other detail that stands out is that 4K video will now be available at 10 bit 4:2:2 resolution. Indeed, Pansonic is claiming 4K 60p/50p and 4K 30p with 4:2:2 10-bit as a world's first.

This may be the most significant camera for two years.

Read the full press release after the break.

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