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It is a big business and a decent livelihood for a lot of people, and here are five ways that you can take your wedding videos (and your business) to the next level.

Running a wedding video company comes with plenty of responsibilities. Lighten your load with these five tips and free wedding video assets.

1. Effectively Manage and Promote Your Wedding Video Business

Making the entire wedding video process easy for couples is the best way to grow your business. Be upfront with your pricing and services. The wedding industry is competitive, and providing more information to couples in the beginning will help set you apart. With easy-to-read materials, couples can quickly choose the right package based on their budget. If you don't have marketing materials ready, download a free wedding marketing template. Once a couple decides to move forward with your services, make sure you're ready with a wedding video contract. Again, if you don't have one, you can download a free wedding video contract and add your company name and the couple's information.

2. Keep Focus When Shooting Weddings with a Shot List

The big day can be hectic and fast paced. Be sure you capture everything you need (and the couple wants) with a wedding day shot list. Shot lists should be divided into the various parts of the day: makeup, ceremony, reception, etc. For starters, try editing a free wedding shot list that is easily customizable. Also, be sure to have all the gear you need to capture those shots. A wedding gear checklist will make sure you have all the essentials.

3. Edit Wedding Footage to the Perfect Score

Every couple has their own favorite type of music. By determining the type of music they like, you can then license similar tracks based on genre, mood, or even some classic wedding songs. Once you know what they like, you will need to determine the right types of song for the video. Should it have lyrics or be instrumental? Is the wedding video story driven or music driven? Deciding on these certainly isn't easy, but after you log the footage, you will have a better idea of what type of video to make. If you need some inspiration, take a listen to some modern and classical wedding songs. Perhaps hearing the right track can inspire your final edit.

4. Get Stunning Footage With Color Grade Presets

Color grading footage sets the entire mood for a project. If you aren't an expert at color grading, you can easily find some LUTs or presets to use. There are free color grading presets for Final Cut Pro X, free color presets for After Effects, and plenty of LUTs for a variety of programs. Even the slightest change to your footage can offer a dramatic look.

5. Accentuate the Edit with Animated Titles and Overlays


With the right soundtrack and color set, add some finishing touches to really boost production value. Using light leaks over wedding footage can give you simple transitions with stellar results. For intros and outros, add a custom animated name badge. Try one of these free animated name reveals on your next wedding video.

For more in-depth information and helpful tips, check out PremiumBeat's Ultimate Guide to Producing Wedding Video.

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