Video overview and footage from the new Panasonic AG-AC30

Written by RedShark News Staff

Richard Payne/HoldanThe 4x slow motion is pretty impressive for this level

Holdan’s Richard Payne provides a good run through of Panasonic’s new AG-AC30 and concludes that it’s “a wonderfully flexible little friend.” The footage looks decent too.

We reviewed the new Panasonic AG-AC30 yesterday which, for the price bracket, provides some powerful features and that on-board LED light seems to be a bit of a show stopper.

Richard Payne from top UK distributor Holdan agrees, reckoning that that light, coupled with ‘largish’ 1/3” sensor, means that its low light capabilities are “fantastic.” What’s more he is also rather impressed by the 4x slow motion.

You can watch the video below, and also see some of the footage he shot with the unit which for our money seems rather good - especially as that money in question is under £1500.

With thanks to Richard Payne at Holdan Ltd.

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