Trost Motion Sliders: extremely solid

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Trost / RedShark NewsTrost Motion Slider and RED

Here's a video review of Trost Motion Sliders from experienced shooter, VFX artist and developer Bob Gundu.

Bob Gundu is a world-renowned cinematographer, photographer, visual effects artist, software developer; he has many titles and wears many hats. And he's become quite an influential person in many filmmaking and cinematography circles. Also known for his work with RED digital cinema cameras, Bob is very active on and has a strong following there, as well. Recently, Bob conducted an extensive review of the Trost Motion slider, outfitted with Ditogear motion kits, for the RED community, and he organized a Group Buy to help educate and enable the RED community with this gear.

In his review below, Bob Gundu explains the design, the functionality, as well as some of the flexible configurations possible, especially when combined with the Ditogear motion kits.

Trost Motion is a company founded by Gabe Cheifetz, a filmmaker himself, and also the founder of CrumplePop visual effects and sound design plugins for filmmakers. Gabe is also very active in the filmmaking community and has become known for pouring his passions for filmmaking back into the products he develops. Trost Motion is good example of that passion. One look at a Trost Motion slider and you'll see something different; there is something almost architectural about them and filmmakers shooting long lens motion shots will quickly see the difference.


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