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Digital Bolex to stop making cameras

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Digital Bolex / RedShark NewsDigital Bolex will cease selling cameras on June 30th.

The proverbial 'little engine that could' has, sadly, decided that its last time around the bend is in sight.

We've just heard some rather sad news concerning one of our favorite indie outfits. According to this post on the company site, upstart camera maker Digital Bolex is calling it quits...sort of.

Digital Bolex will close its online store on June 30th at 11:59PM Pacific, effectively shuttering its camera making business. In service of those that purchased cinema cameras from Digital Bolex, the company will honor all warranties and continue to support its user base. As said by D16 co-developer Elle Schneider, "our in-kind support of filmmakers, film initiatives, and our grant for women cinematographers will also still be active, and we will also continue to support owners by sharing rental information and locations for interested filmmakers."

The Digital Bolex website will continue to operate, as well, as an enduring resource to its community of filmmakers and cinematographers that own and use D16 cameras.

If you want to reach out to Digital Bolex for sales, here is a link to the shop. Again, this link will only be live through June 30th. And if you want to say 'hey' to the folks behind Digital Bolex, they will be holding a final UStream Hangout on June 30th at noon Pacific.

In the comments, let us know your thoughts on Digital Bolex's decision to cease making cameras. We're especially interested in hearing from those that have used the D16.

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