BigFly's impressive drone showreel

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

BigFly / RedShark NewsBigFly Drone Showreel

A UAV showreel that blends gorgeous aerial footage with deft editing and engaging storytelling.

The rapid rise of drone productions around the world has led to a proliferation of flying footage, much of it subpar. Of course, there are standouts to discover, but the sheer number of people trying out drone video capture and plastering YouTube and Vimeo with flying vids means the quality work may get lost among the weeds.

The following video rests at the other end of the drone video quality spectrum. BigFly, a French production company that specializes in drone video, alerted us to its Drone Showreel and we're glad it did. Not only does the footage stand on its own merit, but the video works as a finished piece unto itself, with a steady hand at the editor and more of a story than one would expect to find in anything called a 'showreel'.

Production details are scant, yet the company confirmed that much of the video was shot in 4K internal, with the slo-mo portions shot in 1080 HD.

Under the Drone Showreel, we've also included a bonus video, Motor Spirit, which was featured in the showreel. Enjoy!

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