23 Mar 2016

Cinemartin puts a Skylake-powered monitor recorder on your camera

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A pre-production model of the TEO A pre-production model of the TEO Cinemartin


Cinemartin has taken the wraps off its new MiniM & TEO monitor recorders, which not only feature impressive viewing angles and brightness but are essentially mini computers all in themselves.

With an impressive 170-degree viewing angle and a brightness of 550 NITs for decent use outdoors, the OLED-based UHD (MiniM) and QHD (TEO) recorder monitors are certainly capable units. In fact, they’re probably a bit more than that even, featuring onboard Skylake-based computers with 16GB RAM (expandable up to 32GB), an internal external-media busting 250GB to 2TB SSD drive, 4x USB 3.0 ports (one very handily being a 5V charge slot of devices like smartphones) and a vast range of connectivity that spans Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and more.

The devices can record 4:4:4 10-bit at up to 4K in DPX at around 1.2 GB/ps and use some of that internal RAM as a buffer with the internal SSD to provide R/W speeds of about 5.6GB/ps and more. Users can also record at 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 at 8 or 10-bit.

Did we say NFC? Yes we did. You can even make payments in shops with this if you wish.

Starting price is $2000, which is fairly impressive given the spec, and the company promises that each unit can fit in the palm of your hand and run for over three hours on standard Canon/Sony batteries. Oh and it runs faster than a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Of course, given the sheer different amount of ways you can get images out of the MiniM and TEO, you can do a lot with them, from live streaming to YouTube etc to plugging in KVM equipment and using it as an edit suite running Premiere or even Resolve 12. There’s even a tiny 60x40mm touchpad that can be pasted ono the side of the device to enhance touch capability. Oh, and you can dual boot into OS X if you want to.

Current prototypes are 140 x 130 x 60mm, but Cinemartin claims that production models will be even smaller at 140 x 100 x 50 and weigh a mere 700g (1.54lb).

Preorders for the QHD TEO are open now and delivery is scheduled for June 2016, while the UHD MiniM model has currently just started on Indiegogo and looks set for an October release (and given that it seems to be an iteration of something that is already being produced, we don’t think that breaks our rules about featuring crowdfunding projects).

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