AXIOM Beta hardware complete - first batch now shipping

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

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The Apertus team, which scored a major win with its successful crowdfunding campaign for the AXIOM Beta, is now one huge step closer to getting these pre-production cameras out to early adopters.

At one time, the goal of the Apertus team and its AXIOM project was to introduce an open source, modular 4K camera with global shutter and high frame rate recording for under $10K. Since then, there have been rapid developments in the 4K camera market, so that price point for the final camera is probably bit of a moving target, along with its intended feature set. However, Apertus has announced a major milestone in its development, namely the completion of hardware design for its AXIOM Beta camera.

Indiegogo fulfillment

The Apertus team employed a unique strategy for its AXIOM Beta, by launching its campaign for the Beta at cost, meaning that the cost of these units (and sensor options) covered components, assembly and shipping, without markup. This strategy proved successful as the campaign flew past its goal.

The Indiegogo campaign also drew a spotlight on the project, which is now ready to start making good on those campaign promises.

Check out the video below, where the Apertus team takes you through assembly of an AXIOM Beta (which is done manually, at present), along with the first footage from the Axiom Beta.

For more information on current features and limitations, check out Apertus' post on the subject HERE.


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