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Major first upgrade for the Blackmagic Video Assist monitor / recorder

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New software for Blackmagic Video Assist adds focus peaking, Zebra and more.

The first portable recorder from Blackmagic Design since its good but basic Hyperdeck Shuttle is actually called anything but a recorder. It's title: "Video Assist" only hints at its capabilities obliquely. But be in no doubt that this is a very capable HDMI and SDI recorder that captures HD video to affordable SD cards via HDMI or SDI. It also sports a Full HD screen with a wide viewing angle.

We have one right now and we're reviewing it; you'll see the results very soon.

Meanwhile, Blackmagic has released an important upgrade with some useful new features - some of which are almost essential to use the Video Assist as a credible production monitor. 

Adds Focus Peaking indication
Adds Zebra indication for setting iris
Adds central Zoom to aid focus
Adds timecode over HDMI
Improved battery information
Performance and stability updates

It's good to see these additions - they'll make a big difference to usability. 

You can download the new firmware from Blackmagic's support page.

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