New firmware and explanatory video for the DVX 200

Written by David Shapton

Panasonic/RedShark PublicationsPanasonic DVX 200

Panaonic has released firmware that adds a range of new capabilities, as well as a new explanatory video, for the highly competent DVX 200.

The Panasonic DVX 200 is clearly a camera of the moment. We're reviewing one right now so you'll see the results of that in a few days.

Meanwhile, a couple of updates.

The first is new firmware, that fixes a few things:

Addition of the fast scan mode to minimise skew image (We think this means "rolling shutter").

This fast scan mode is added to 4K24p, UHD29.97p, UHD23.98p and UHD25p.

Reduction of black dot noise in 4K/UHD modes.

Improvement of playback image aspect ratio.

Recording method is improved so that playback image is correctly in 16:9 when a 480i/576i SQUEEZE video is played.

Correction of ISO gain value display in High-sensitivity mode.

You can download the new software here

Secondly, Panasonic has released a helpful video detailing some of the advantages of the DVX 200. While this is effectively an advert, it's pretty informative, nonetheless.


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