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Belle: 1st UK movie to be shot in true 4K

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A British film, Belle, is the first in the UK to be shot in true 4k with Sony's F65 camera

Regarded by many as the most advanced digital cinematography camera in the world, It certainly impressed DOP Ben Smithard, who said: " The amount of detail and colour it captures is breathtaking. I wanted the audience to feel the beauty of the 4K images and to be involved in the story".

Commenting that he thinks the F65 is the "Camera of the future", Smithard said "I plan to use it again on future film projects".

Different environments

Smithard spoke about his experience of using the F65: "We shot Belle in a range of different environments – on location and at Pinewood – and having a camera that was easy to use and delivered stunning detailed images in bright and low light was essential for such a visually-rich period feature.  With the F65, Sony has developed a camera that not only produces beautiful skin tones but also retains tremendous amounts of highlight and colour detail. Having such detailed and colour-rich true 4K DPX files for the DIT and post production team to composite from means the final cut will be as close to actually being on set as possible. In my opinion the F65 leads the field for image quality at this time"


The F65 has an 8K image sensor with more resolution than any other commercially available camera, and can output 16 bit linear raw video, giving an unusually large degree of flexibility to post production artists.

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