4 Odyssey 7Qs needed for Canon 8K EOS prototype

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

Canon / Convergent Design / RedShark NewsCanon 8K Cinema EOS and 4 Convergent Design Odyssey 7Qs

Canon's impressive introduction of an 8K Cinema EOS camera was assisted by Convergent Design's monitor/recorders - four of them, to be precise.

We must admit: we didn't see the Canon 8K Cinema EOS camera coming. To recap, the Cinema EOS prototype exhibiting at Canon Expo 2015 sports a super35 CMOS sensor with 8,192 x 4,320 pixels (approximately 35.39 million pixels). 60 fps capture and 13 stops of dynamic range round out the early specs. While it may be immediately apparent to many of our readers why this is such important news, for more context on how a Canon 8K Cinema EOS camera could impact the industry, check out our Editor-in Chief's op/ed on the subject.

To make the prototype camera functional for exhibit, Canon turned to Convergent Design and its Odyssey 7Q line of monitor/recorders. Actually, if you look closely at this article's featured image, you should notice four Odyssey monitor/recorders, which can record either Canon RAW or compressing the video to Prores or other format for editing. While this is just a "proof of concept" system at this point, the need for four stacked monitor/recorders speaks to the need for fast and robust data pipelines and storage for 8K capture. Of course, by the time an 8K Canon Cinema EOS camera finally ships, solutions will undoubtedly appear from companies like Convergent Design (which appears to have the inside track at present).

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