Teradek's VidiU Pro all-in-one streaming device now shipping

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

Teradek / RedShark NewsVidiU Pro release

September kicks off with the release of Teradek's VidiU Pro, a high definition streaming solution with killer features to ensure you have "the bandwidth needed to stream your HD content from anywhere, to anywhere."

We first profiled the VidiU Pro, Teradek's latest entry in its popular line of video encoding and streaming devices, during our coverage of NAB2015. Those who have a need for an affordable ($999) streaming solution for live broadcast (especially webcasts) may have cause to rejoice, as the VidiU Pro is now available through the company's site and popular retailers like Adorama.

Similar to the other VidiU products, the VidiU Pro encodes to H.264 and streams HD video and leverages Teradek's Live:Air iPad Production Suite for video stream management and effects. Yet, two innovative features set the VidiU Pro apart from the rest of the lineup.

ShareLink combines multiple discreet internet connections from a mix of sources to create one robust connection. VidiU Prousers will have the option of using ethernet, wifi, USB modem or up to four iPhone data connections in tandem to increase the system's bandwidth. If ShareLink provides a strong connection suitable for remote HD broadcast, then LiveLink could be viewed as an 'easy button' of sorts - just use the companion app on a mobile device to frame your shot, sign in to your online video platform of choice and hit one button to 'Go Live'.


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