First footage from the Panasonic DVX200

Written by David Shapton

Sebastian WiegärtnerPanasonic DVX200

Here's the first footage from the Panasonic DVX200 - and to our eyes it's looking rather good.

It's probably fair to say that the Panasonic's DVX 200 is eagerly awaited. It's a camera that has RedShark contributor and Panasonic expert Richard Payne "Smitten".

We've only had Richard's report on his experience with a Pre Production model so far, so we haven't been able to try it in the real world.

But here's what - as far as we can tell - is the first footage from this fascinating camera. In our view, it looks very good indeed. There's detail in the blacks, some detail in the highlights, and - although this is far from a neutral grade - it really does look very nice. You can also see some buttery smooth slow motion.

Here are the production notes from Sebastian Wiegärtner, DOP, the maker of the demonstration film:

Finally online! The worldwide first footage of the brand new Panasonic AG-DVX200!
Shot on a pre production model in UHD resolution and 50p. Sadly the compression of Vimeo and YouTube is so high, you just really can't judge the image. All I can say: This is the perfect camera for Documentaries and fast TV work stuff, where you have to be fast and where you still want to achieve a cinematic image. Due to the M4/3 sensor it's way easier to focus than with a Super 35 or Full Frame sensor. Almost everything shot full wide open. Native ISO of this camera is 500.
I used the flat V-Log profile, applied VariCam 35 Rec 709 and graded everything very hard + added some grain to the footage. This was shot during the Panasonic #DVX4Ktour. Shot on Location in Kyoto, Japan.
Christofer Wong - Driftin in the Rain

And here's the film itself:

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