Stunning drone footage taken with the ARRI Alexa Mini

Written by David Shapton

ARRIAlexa Mini and Movi support

Some great aerial footage showing the imaging talents of the new ARRI Alexa Mini.

 The ARRI Alexa Mini is a small box containing the essence of an Alexa in a package that's ideal for mounting on drones, hanging from motorised gimbals, or for carrying around when a full-sized camera would be inappropriate.

Essentially, you get Alexa quality pictures from a tiny camera.

This is an exciting prospect, because while we're getting used to seeing great pictures from drones, sometimes the quality isn't as top end as possible - simply because you can't fly heavy cinema cameras with small drones.

But with the Alexa Mini, you get full Alexa quality in a flyable package.


We noticed this footage when we clicked through to ARRI's Alexa Mini page on their website. It's always worth visiting these manufacturer's pages because they often have some amazing video on display. Admittedly it's designed to show off the cameras in their best light - but at least you get to see what's possible in good conditions.

Here's the video itself, followed by a "making of" film.

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