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Odyssey Firmware Update: Custom 3D-LUTs, anamorphic de-squeeze and more

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Convergent Design / RedShark NewsOdyssey Release 2015.5

Convergent Design has announced yet another firmware update for its venerable line of Odyssey 7 monitor/recorders, this time making good on promises made in March.

Since the introduction of the Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI recorder/monitor combo, you might think that Convergent Design and its Odyssey 7 and 7Q products would be feeling the heat from the competition. But it seems most of that heat is coming from sizzling sales, which have helped Convergent Design, the company, to double in size and quadruple revenue.

Convergent Design hasn't rested on its laurels (or money piles), improving its own recorder/monitor products with a series of firmware updates and new features that have greatly expanded their usefulness. In August 2014, higher Prores frame rates and new recording modes were added. Last December, the company shipped the Odyssey 7Q+, which added 4K over HDMI to the Odyssey 7Q 4K-SDI recorder's feature-set. This past March, Convergent Design then published a firmware update roadmap on its company blog, outlining upcoming features and improvements:

March Firmware Update
Additional compressed video recording formats
Improved image processing for both FS7 & FS700 (FS RAW Record Option)

April Firmware Update
Programmable custom 3D-LUTs with LUT routing to tools & outputs
Improved monitoring functions and tools

May Firmware Update
Additional monitoring/recording features
High frame rate compressed recording for FS7 & FS700 (FS RAW Record Option)
New Record Option

June Firmware Update
Additional compressed video recording formats
New Record Option

It seems that the firmware update announced today effectively lumps the 'April' and 'May' updates into one massive update for Odyssey recorder/monitors. The highlights of the 'Odyssey Release 2015.5' include an expansion of the Odyssey LUT system and support for user-loaded 3D-LUTs for monitoring, anamoprhic de-squeeze for monitoring, a long list of other enhancements and some improvements specifically for Sony FS7 and FS700 users.

Convergent Design didn't debut any new products at NAB Show 2015, employing the strategy of creating more value for the same hardware through software changes. And, based on both its financial success and its track record of meaningful firmware updates, that strategy appears to be paying off for the company and its customers.

For more information on 'Odyssey Release 2015.5', check out the full run-down of features on Page Two!

Odyssey Release 2015.5 Details

Odyssey Release version 2015.5

Please note new naming convention for firmware updates, containing year followed by month.


Expanded Odyssey LUT System, including custom 3D-LUTs

Improved & Expanded set of Preset LUTs

Support for user-loadable custom 3D-LUTs (up to 140, Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+)

17x17x17,33x33x33,65x65x65 3D-LUT (.CUBE format) Supported

.CUBE Luts translated for Odyssey using CD 3D-LUT Converter App

LUTs are currently for MONITORING only, not “baked in”

LUTs viewed during recording noted in XML file metadata

Extended and Legal Range LUTs Supported (EE vs LL)

LUT Routing to Tools & Outputs

Image Analysis Tools can measure “LUTTED” image or original source

Video outputs can independently turn ON/OFF LUT or Mirror OLED

Anamorphic De-squeeze

2.0x, 1.5x, 1.33x Support

De-squeezed sent to video outputs, recording unaffected

4K / 2K Monitoring Modes (Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+)

17:9 Letterboxed within 16:9 image or Center-Cut to 16:9

Letterbox or Center-Cut sent to video outputs, full frame recorded.

Monochrome Monitoring Mode

View Luma only or individual Red, Green, or Blue channel in grey tone

Dual Zebras

Set high & low for each, can overlap, separately selectable colors

Expanded False Color Mode

Added Pink for Six colors

Each color set high & low, can overlap

Expanded OLED Controls

Advanced Monitor Calibration Controls

Color channel bias controls, SMPTE color bars reference

Improved Multi-Stream Mode Switching

Switch between inputs without image flicker or glitch.

Safe Eject at power down

Automatically closes all file directories on shut down

Improved Sony FS RAW color reproduction

Improved image quality in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes recording

FS700 Apple ProRes recording with S-Log2 or REC709(800%)

FS7 CinemaDNG & Apple ProRes require SGamut3.Cine Color Space


    FIXED AUD OUT (Headphones) unmute
    FIXED Audio gain settings when switching Analog to SDI
    FIXED Safe Eject process to remove OLED flashing during procedure
    FIXED FS700 4K RAW -> HD Apple ProRes detection
    IMPROVED 4K Apple ProRes playback
    IMPROVED 4K pixel zoom 1:1 and 2:1
    IMPROVED PSF output support in all modes
    IMPROVED Reduced overall power usage
    IMPROVED Interlaced playback support
    IMPROVED 4K -> HD Apple ProRes playback

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