NAB 2015 Preview: Genie motion controller goes Mini

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

Syrp / RedShark NewsGenie Mini

Syrp, the company behind 2012's Kickstarter success Genie motion controller, has expanded its product line by going small. Meet the Genie Mini!

Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding sites have become great resources for new camera accessories, as equipment start-ups and garage inventors labor to bring the next film tech innovations to market. One of Kickstarter's early success stories, the Genie motion controller, pulled in $636K in its campaign, which helped prove the viability of such pre-sales campaigns for camera-related products.

Syrp, the company behind the popular Genie, has expanded its product line to include filters, sliders and Genie-specific add-ons. It has also continued development of its motion control system, recently announcing the Genie Mini, a stand-alone motion control accessory for smooth panning. 


While I'm sure that the app-controlled Genie Mini will get a lot of use as a stand-alone unit, it will be most useful when paired with its bigger sibling. The knock on the original Genie was that it could pan or slide, but not at the same time. Now, when paired with the Genie Mini, the Genie system becomes an ideal tool for all you time lapse enthusiasts out there, or for anyone who wants smooth, machine-controlled sliding and panning movements for live video.


The Genie Mini will retail for $249. Syrp is taking pre-orders on its site, or you could opt to pre-order through your favorite film tech retailer, like B&H.

Check out a short teaser video on the Genie Mini below. Visit Syrp's Genie Mini page for more details and pre-order. For more about Genie demos at NAB, go to Syrp's NAB 2015 page.

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