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Teradek brings live video production to the masses

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With its VidiU Mini encoder & video streamer and Live:Air App live video mixer for iOS, Teradek has debuted an interesting new two-part solution for low-budget live productions.

The rise of the tablet means that many of us tote around wonderful, compact touchscreen computers with screen sizes ample enough to actually get some work done, not to mention the ever-increasing resolution of these devices over generations. Those conditions make the tablet a useful companion to filmmakers and film professionals, as developers seemingly release several new film productivity apps each day.

Teradek, the venerable video accessories maker, obviously comes from the hardware-side of things, but the company has announced a combination hardware / software solution for live video production which puts professional quality workflow and results within reach of the budget-conscious.

First, there's the hardware component of this system: the VidiU Mini, which is basically a shrunken-down version of its popular VidiU encoder streamer, but without 3G and 4G LTE connectivity. The VidiU Mini connects to your camera via micro HDMI, encodes to H.264 HD on the fly and sends the signal out through WiFi to any online video platform or to the VidiU Mini's software companion, the Live:Air App.

The Live:Air App, currently for iOS devices only, can receive the feeds from multiple cameras for real-time video mixing, switching and even transitions. There is one catch: Live:Air will only accept a feed encoded by a Teradek device, with the only exception being the video capture from your corresponding iPhone or iPad's camera. This strategy on the part of Teradek to keep Live:Ait within its ecosystem limits the app's potential reach, but makes its hardware (the company's bread and butter) more valuable in the process.

The VidiU Mini hits the market on March 1, 2015 for the price of $499. The Live:Air App will be available a day earlier on the App Store for $99.

For more information on Teradek's live video production solution, check out the press release on Page Two!

Full Press Release

Teradek Announces VidiU Mini and Live:Air iPad Production Suite

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Teradek, a manufacturer of professional video transmission equipment, has announced a new H.264 encoder, the VidiU Mini, along with an accompanying iPad Production Suite called Live:Air (pronounced Live to Air). Both products are part of Teradek's new Create:Share (pronounced Create to Share) initiative that will develop a range of cutting-edge production tools to help independent content creators produce professional looking media.

"With so much potential at such an affordable price, anybody will be able to share their unique experiences live online with friends, family, and followers."

VidiU Mini is a miniature HDMI encoder that can stream in full HD to any online video platform or to Teradek's new Live:Air Production Suite. The device offers an internal LI-ION battery with up to 3 hours of runtime, bluetooth for quick device configuration, built-in dual band WiFi, and integration with the most popular Web streaming services, including Livestream, Ustream, and YouTube Live. For multi-camera productions, multiple VidiU Mini encoders can be used as wireless video sources for the Live:Air application.

"We took the best features we've developed over the years for our popular VidiU encoder and put them into a smaller, easier to use device suited perfectly for action cams and DSLRs,” said Nicol Verheem, CEO of Teradek. “With so much potential at such an affordable price, anybody will be able to share their unique experiences live online with friends, family, and followers."

The Live:Air Production Suite is an iOS application that helps create more professional looking live content with Teradek encoders and iOS devices. The software allows users to add visual effects and text overlays to live video sources and can be used to switch between multiple live video feeds and pre-recorded material, all with elegant transitions and fades.

Since Live:Air supports up to 4 live video sources at once, users can connect multiple cameras equipped with Teradek encoders for real-time mixing. For single camera productions, the application can be used to overlay titling and sports scores, even if the only video source is the iPad’s built-in camera.

"The Live:Air iOS application is a very exciting new direction for Teradek. It allows anyone to create captivating live streams, be that with a single iPhone video source or a multi-camera production. The app is the perfect compliment to VidiU Mini and greatly simplifies producing high quality content for online consumption."

VidiU Mini will be available March 1, 2015 on the Teradek Webstore and through authorized resellers for $499. The Live:Air application will be available to download from the Apple App Store on February 28, 2015 for $99. Both products will be on display at the British Video Expo (BVE), from February 24-26, 2015 at Booths K30 & H12. Learn more at: www.teradek.com.

About Teradek

Teradek, a Vitec Group brand, manufactures wireless video devices for remote video capture, live ENG backhaul, real-time monitoring, proxy recording and webcasting. For complex IP video workflows, Teradek's cloud-based workflow management platform allows users to remotely managing a fleet of Teradek encoders in real-time from anywhere in the world. All Teradek products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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