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Huge announcement from Canon on February 6? New cameras? Lenses?

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Canon / RedShark NewsCanon's February 6, 2015 announcement?

The current internet buzz points to venerable camera maker Canon announcing new cameras and lenses that may point the way to the company's future.

[Editor's Note: This is the usual disclaimer that comes along with any RUMOR story. Take the following with a grain of salt or, if you prefer, the whole bag.]

There have been rumors circulating the past few months that Canon will finally announce the next camera in its 5D Mark series, the 5D Mark IV. We addressed these internet rumblings in a previous article which featured a statement from Canon that at least gives hope to those who want the company to update their current camera lines with 4K video recording capabilities. According to a translated interview of Masaya MaedaCanon's Senior Managing Director, Image Communication (Business Division), the company appears to be readying cameras with higher resolution and pixel quality:

"We are currently making efforts toward high-resolution cameras. User needs are broadly divided into the two areas of high-resolution and high-sensitivity. Canon has been progressing the high-sensitivity side more, but we feel that we also must respond to graphics-related users (hoping for high resolution) and increase resolution numbers.

We are thinking of a high-resolution camera for users wanting high resolving power, and it will be out soon. It will be a camera preserving pixel quality while boosting resolution figures. We are extending interchangeable lens groups. We want to add one line to our EF lenses…I can’t say any more than this. Please don’t ask anymore (laughs).”

Based on various reports from tech speculation site Canon Rumors, it seems that there may be three or more cameras announced on February 6th, including the t6i (likely named the 750D for the European market), the 5Ds (a 53 megapixel camera that caps video recording to 1080p), the EOS M3 mirrorless camera and a Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L that may retail for $3,000.

It seems that the 5D Mark IV may not be part of Canon's big announcement on February 6, but, if advanced reports (AKA rumors) can be believed, the 5D Mark IV should arrive sometime in 2015. But if February 6th is the day that the next 5D Mark arrives, it could shape up to be a very important event (especially if the 5D Mark IV features internal 4K video recording).

We'll stay on top of this story and report the details of Canon's February 6th announcement, assuming that it happens.

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