How do you handle massive amounts of data when you're on location?

Written by David Shapton

G-Technology/RedSharkLucas Gilman

What does an Action and Adventure Photographer do to make sure his footage stays safe?

We've been working alongside G-Technology to make a short series of interviews that talk about acquisition, production and backup strategies with leading figures in the industry.

Here's our interview with Lucas Gilman, who's an action and adventure photographer and film-maker.

He talks about his strategy for dealing with all the data he captures in the field. And it's a lot of data. He's recently been using the Nikon D810 and D4s. With a 36 megapixel sensor, that means every time he presses the shutter, he's collecting another 100 megabytes. That really adds up with time lapses.

Here's our interview:

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