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New Footage from the new Canon EOS 7D Mk II

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CanonCanon EOS 7D Mk !!

Here's some new footage showing off the abilities of the new Canon EOS 7D MK II

The new Canon EOS 7D Mk II isn't an obvious upgrade for video makers. And that's OK, because it is, fundamentally, a stills camera. Some have even said that it perhaps marks the end of the DSLR for Video era.

We don't think it does but it is perhaps a dot on the graph of what is a diminishing trend.

But none of this is to say that it can't do video!

This film has some nice images. You can't really judge the ultimate quality through the fog of internet compression and streaming, but, given that this is how most people view low budget productions these days, how it looks on YouTube does matter.

And we think it actually looks pretty good. Don't forget that Canon is one of the very few manufacturers that makes its own sensors.

Here's the film, starring a cellist, and, obviously, a dancing cat.


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