15 Sep 2014

Every Blackmagic Design announcement from IBC 2014

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Blackmagic Design is using IBC as its soapbox for a bevy of announcements, including an update of Davinci Resolve, PL mounts for the 2.5K Cinema and 4K Production cameras, and more.

If there's an industry tech show happening somewhere in the world, it's a safe bet that Blackmagic Design is announcing something big at it. IBC is no exception. The big bombshell unleashed by Blackmagic was undoubtedly its acquisition of powerful compositing application Eyeon Fusion (RedShark Editor-in-Chief David Shapton gave his analysis of the purchase which can be found HERE). But that wasn't the only news to filter out from the Blackmagic team.

Blackmagic released a scattershot of news items at IBC, headlined by the Eyeon Fusion purchase, but also touching on its wide line-up of other products. Here are two highlights, courtesy of Blackmagic:

DaVinci Resolve 11.1 Update: available now

New editing features include improved Final Cut Pro X integration, improved asymmetric trimming, a new Swap Edit command, the ability to trim gaps in the timeline, editable in/out points in the source viewer, graphical fade sliders for video opacity, action and title safe overlays, independent track heights, a full screen timeline option, the ability to add transitions to multiple clips at the same time and more. New color correction features include support for object tracking and stabilization of compound clips, second layer input support for OpenFX plugins, the ability to pick colors in the viewer for OFX plugins, and new group menu options to load, delete and rename groups. DaVinci Resolve 11.1 also includes support for visually lossless compressed DNG RAW clips, Panasonic Varicam vRAW and AVC-I, improved color decoding for Phantom CINE RAW files, new Phantom Cine Log gamma selection in the camera raw settings, VFX I/O LUTs for Gamma 2.2 and Gamma 2.4, and more. Linux customers also get OpenCL support for AMD GPUs. Finally, the new version adds support for Dolby Vision image processing.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera PL and Blackmagic Production Camera 4K PL: $2,295 and $2,995, respectively, available now

Two new cinema cameras, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K PL and Blackmagic Cinema Camera PL now include PL mount models, for using professional cinema lenses or even vintage cinema lenses. This means cinematographers now have a professional PL mount digital film camera that’s so small, the camera body is only a little larger than the lens mount itself. Customers then get a design that can fit into the tightest locations while still allowing decades of classic professional film lenses to be used.

In addition to IBC news, Blackmagic also released an update that expands the usefulness of its 4K Production Camera. Ever since Blackmagic unified the code base for its camera line-up, the camera maker has been churning out the firmware updates, bringing long-promised functionality to its users. The camera that has benefited the most from the recent spate of updates is the 4K Production Camera, as it's received audio meters, histogram and a heads-up display in advance of the other cameras. Blackmagic continues beefing up the 4K Production Camera with 'Camera Update 1.9.5', which enables in-camera formatting.

After applying the free update, users will be able to prepare their SSDs for recording while in the field, without finding a nearby computer. The in-camera formatting process can prepare disks "optimized for high performance use," and in either ExFAT (compatible with Mac OSX and Windows) or in HFS+ (Mac only, but higher performance).

The update includes a brand new dashboard menu, for fast selection of common functions.

Expect these improvements to filter to other cameras in the coming weeks, and for Blackmagic to continue its efforts in making its existing cameras even better.

Camera update 1.9.5 can be found hereCheck out the full list of Blackmagic Design Announcements at IBC 2014 on Page Two!

And don't miss the full press release for in-camera formatting of Blackmagic's 4K Production Camera on Page Three!

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