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More great-looking URSA demo footage emerges

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Blackmagic/RedSharkBlackmagic URSA

More lucious 4K footage from the yet-to-be-released Blackmagic URSA

Blackmagic's URSA is the camera that doesn't hold back on features. Perhaps most notably identifiable by its (there's no other word for it!) huge main screen, this 4K camera has two other screens; the idea being that it can be the centre of an entire production workflow.

It's a new and untried concept but at least we now have more footage to look at while we wait to see when it will actually ship.

This is a video by Blackmagic employee Hook. It's not an official demo, though - just the result of a day out with the camera.

Here's what Hook had to say about making the film:


This is a collection of footage i've shot with a beta unit of the Blackmagic URSA (EF mount) over the last few weeks.

Disclaimer: I now work for Blackmagic Design but this video was produced the same way as my previous beta videos, and is definitely not some kind of 'official' demo video. Its just a collection of personal footage i've shot while getting to know the camera recently. - Hook

I originally tried to upload an UHD Prores LT, but it failed at 88%. :( I will continue to try and replace the current file but even if not, i still recommend downloading the 1080 Prores LT version - the motion looks a little 'funny' on vimeo.

This was all shot using ONLY the built in 10" screen for composing/focus and most of the time it was just Danelle and I grabbing footage, i really wanted to see if this bigger camera could still be used like the much smaller BMD ones without a crew etc. The only exception to this being some music video footage, but that was also a tiny crew of 3 of us involving me as director/dop/gaffer with Johnathan Guest from Halcyon Digital being camera/lighting assist, as well as DIT and dolly grip !!

The rest is friends doing us favours and getting footage while on holiday to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in Queenstown. Carrying around the URSA, lenses, and tripod on ski slopes was tiring and hard work and not much of a holiday! I also almost dropped the camera off the side of a friends mini speed boat while trying to hold it up to get footage going down the river. :-P

HUGE thanks to:Blackmagic DesignJeremy and Julian McPikeJim PollardTodd Columb and his freerunning friendsJayden and Ange KeoghanSound The OceanJohnathan GuestChelsea and Michelle BarnsTracey Bourgeoisand of course my much better half for the last 10 years - Danelle !!

Edited and Graded in DaVinci Resolve 11

Mostly shot at 60fps Prores 422HQ in camera and conformed to 24fps.

LENSES: Sigma 18-35/1.8 Art, Sigma 50/1.4 Art, Canon 70-200/2.8L II ISHoya ProNDs and Tiffen VariND+Hoya IR CutSchneider Hollywood Blackmagic 1/4 and Tiffen Soft FX 1

MUSIC: "By Your Side" - used with permission from Alan Poettcker of "The Runaway Club"

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