How they advertise cars in Australia - with time lapse!

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Nathan Kaso and Timothy MelvilleTasmania Time Lapse

A completely different approach to making a car advertisement

Time Lapse has always been a great way to get higher resolution pictures than conventional cameras allow, because it puts together a sequence of still images that  -  usually  -  are taken by still cameras.

So when they're converted to video, even though the resolution will have been reduced, the resulting moving images usually look fantastic.

And so it is with this advertisement for Holden Cars, made in Tasmania, Australia.

Nicely shot, it uses this very traditional technique to great effect, with some lovely-looking shots that you wouldn't normally see in car adverts.

And even though this was shot on a Canon 5D Mk III, which resolutely doesn't shoot video at 4K, this would easily have been rendered at that higher resolution.

Here's Nathan Kaso's notes from Vimeo


Earlier this year myself and director Timothy Melville were sent to Tasmania by automotive brand Holden with a couple of cars to make a time-lapse film featuring the new Cruze Z Series model. The southern latitude, high altitude and low population made this the perfect location to capture unpolluted night skies.

We travelled over 2,000km through the barren hills of Queenstown, to the vibrant streets of Hobart and finished on the dolerite plateau of Ben Lomond National Park. During the seven nights on location we captured nearly 20,000 still images, shooting from dusk until dawn and averaged just 4 hours sleep per day.

We used two Elinchrom Ranger RX kits to capture the car in total darkness on the banks of Lake Burbury. The consistency of light and long battery life made these lights ideal for capturing the car in time-lapse under the milky way.

Equipment:Canon 5D Mark IIISigma 35mm f/1.4 ART, Canon 17-40mm f/4L, 24-105mm f/4LDynamic Perception Stage One 6' motorised sliderEmotimo TB3 Black motion control headElinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS lightsManfrotto heavy-duty suction mounts

Production company: The Story

LabDirector: Timothy Melville

Cinematographer: Nathan Kaso

Production Assistant: Christina Remnant

Composer: Tom Day

Creative agency: IsobarCreative

Director: Dave Budge

Strategist: Hayley Rose

Account Manager: Nick Hardie-Gran

tArt Director: Tom Kearne

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