SPONSORED ARTICLE: 5 ways Multi-Camera Production Can Save Hundreds of Hours of editing Time

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Real time multi-camera operation can give your productions a big speed boost

By Chris Waddington, NewTek EMEA

If you’re a busy video professional, you know time is never on your side. Clients want everything faster than ever. Audiences are just as demanding, expecting near instantaneous access to any footage you shoot. Then there’s editing. The longer you spend in the edit suite, the higher the costs. And while you’re spending time in a darkened room, you may be wasting valuable opportunities to gain more value from your content.

The answer? Get smart about multi-camera production.

Here are five tips for using multi-camera production to save time and money – and deliver a great result.

1. Play the numbers game

Multiple cameras can significantly reduce shooting time. When you have more lenses on the action, you can be confident you won’t miss a thing. This means you not only save time and money in post, but also on set where you can light once and shoot everything you need in one place.

2. Real time = ready to go

Normally you can spend hours (even days) digitizing media before you can begin post production. Live multi-camera production makes this a thing of the past as footage from every camera angle is captured in real time, ready to go.

3. Add the polish in one place

In the past, many video pros have incorporated sophisticated effects and virtual environments to create a more polished feel. But this was both time-consuming and costly to do in post and required specialised equipment. These days, exactly the same effects can be achieved live with little fuss and nowhere near the cost – after all, you already have the talent, background and lighting available and set up. 

4. Don’t wait to get rough

When you mix a show in real time – with camera switching, titles, transitions, graphics and effects – you have a first-round rough cut in your hands almost immediately after the shoot. Contrast that with how it used to be. Remember the time it took? What client wouldn’t be impressed with that turnaround?

5. Change ‘til your heart’s content

Completing the rough cut with live mixing, and having access to all other camera footage with the time code synched, means you can now make any changes and tweaks you want in post. You can even deliver multiple versions quickly and easily – opening up additional options for increased revenue. And you can sail right through post production, saving time, money and a whole lot of hassle.

We all know the truth that time is money. But by taking an intelligent approach to multi-camera production, today’s video professionals can cut both time and costs. And what’s worth even more – have a happier client at the end of it all.

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