Some of the best UAV footage we've seen: shot in 4K with the Blackmagic Production Camera

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Aerial InspectionsSome of the best UAV footage we've seen

 Aerial Inspections, the Tasmania-based UAV photography company, have sent us another video made with the Blackmagic 4K Production Camera

There's no doubt that the pictures from the camera are great (the walking couple and the scene with an orchestra were Red Epic X - the rest were BMPC) but the aerial tracking is downright amazing!

Of course, we don't know how many takes this needed but with UAVs as opposed to helicopters or aircraft, in terms or relative cost, it hardly matters.

What matters is the end result.

Here's what Tom Waugh, Aerial Inspections' Remote Camera Operator, said about their set-up:

"For us, the Blackmagic Production camera is great. The simplicity of the form factor and strong aluminium mounting points make setup and balancing easy on the MoVI. Global shutter means our fly bys, pans and fast flying forward moves aren’t affected by rolling shutter artefacts that we have had previously, particularly with BM pocket cam and DSLRs. The vast majority of our aerial work is in daylight so ISO 200-800 satisfies. We can also fly Red Epics or Canon 1DCs on our setup, so if we needed low light sensitivity we can use those cameras. We haven’t had any sensor issues (bright pixels etc) that a few others have had so far with the BM4K."

This is basically a showreel/advert for Aerial Inspections, but it's a very good demonstration of state of the art UAV photography.  It was all shot in 4K. If you click on the "Cog" icon in YouTube you can watch it in 2160p


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