27 May 2014

Demented Reality

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Aug(de)mented reality Aug(de)mented reality Marty Cooper

When you put High Tech and Low Tech together, you get... Low Tech. But it's very funny...

You can't get much more low tech than hand-drawn animation on cellophane, but then, you can't get much more high tech than shooting it with an iPhone.

But the concept is even more bizarre than that, because it involves augmented reality.

Somehow, Hombre_McSteez, also known as Marty Cooper, the creator of this odd film, has managed to draw animated characters, and then, using his iPhone, superimpose them on real, moving backgrounds. Apparently he's a storyboard artist, and he very obviously has a great eye for animation.

It really doesn't need any more explanation than that. Whichever way you look at it, it's very funny.


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