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Aerial 4K film of Utah, shot with a Blackmagic 4K production Camera

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Ian CresswellUtah in 4K

The Utah landscape obviously helps to make a jaw-dropping film, but you also need some clever flying kit, and some piloting skills. And the fact that you can now capture it all in 4K makes it more than worthwhile

Even a couple of years ago, if you'd seen a film like this, of this quality, you'd have go guess that it had cost around $50,000 minimum to make. You'd have to hire an extremely expensive camera and a helicopter, not to mention the crew and the post production costs. Now, you're looking at a budget that's a tiny fraction of that. The only thing that hasn't changed is the degree of skill to make the film.

This was shot around Moab, Utah, with a custom Skyjib Octocopter and a Blackmagic 4K Production Camera.

This is where this particular camera excels: where there's ample lighting and glorious detail all around.

Well done to Ian Cresswell, Bert McMahan, Tim Harley and Owen Herndon for making this.

By the way, Ian has an interesting safety note on his Vimeo page; one that other pilots would do well to note. These remote controlled platforms are marvelous tools but it will only take one nasty accident to have them fall from favour. Here's what he says:

Please note, we maintain a flight policy to NEVER fly directly over anyone. In the few shots containing people who may appear to be standing close to the helicopter/camera, they are NEVER directly under the craft. Also, anyone who appears to be even somewhat close to the helicopter/camera was talked to before hand to ask their permission for us to fly in proximity, as well as to advise them of our desired flight path. I strongly recommend fellow multirotor pilots NOT to fly over events, crowds, or densely populated urban areas. And if you intend to fly in even remote proximity to a person or persons, make sure they have given express permission and been advised of the flight path



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