Digital Bolex goes to the cinema: Great "analogue" looking footage in their new video

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Digital Bolex/RedSharkDigital Bolex at the cinema

Digital Bolex footage in their promo video looks wonderful

Digital Bolex has always claimed that their camera can give you a special look. Don't forget that digital camera sensors are analogue devices. In case you didn't know that: they collect photons and turn them into voltages, which are then digitised. How and to what depth they're digitised largely determines the flexibility you have to post produce the image afterwards.

So it's a credible claim, and they use a CCD type sensor, which does have some great characteristics for film making (like having a "global shutter").

Of course the Digital Bolex is, as its name would suggest, digital at heart, but have a look at the pictures in their new promotional video, which is shot on a D16.

Amenable to heavy grading

You can always say that this footage is nice but heavily graded, but the point about Digital Bolex footage is that it is amenable to heavy grading: not all cameras are this obliging.

Alongside the release of this promotional piece, Digital Bolex has announced that their product is now shipping internationally.




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