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Blackmagic 4K vs. Pocket Camera

1 minute read

Apples to oranges? More like oranges to tangerines. A filmmaker made a comparison video between Blackmagic's high-end and low-end cameras. Check it out!

 It's pretty easy to compare cameras with similar specs, but what about a comparison of very different cameras? That's exactly what French filmmaker Emmanuel Sapolsky did, crafting a 10 minute comparison video between the Blackmagic Production Camera (its 4K offering) and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (topping out at 1080).

I urge you to watch the video below, but here are a few takeaways:

  • Blackmagic Production Camera yields a sharper image at 1080 than the Pocket Camera
  • Capturing 4K with the Production Camera and dumping down to 1080 in post yields an even sharper HD image
  • At launch, the Blackmagic Production Camera still suffers from the 'black hole sun' problem (fixed by a firmware update for the Pocket Camera, still a problem for the 2.5K Cinema Camera)
  • Rolling shutter effect eliminated on the Production Camera, present for the Pocket Camera
  • Moire greatly reduced on the Production Camera in 1080 mode, eliminated in 4K mode, present for the Pocket Camera
  • Aliasing apparent on Production Camera in 1080 mode & Pocket Camera, greatly improved but still present on Production Camera in 4K mode
  • Stated dynamic range difference (Production: 12; Pocket: 13) seems more pronounced in use
  • Pocket Camera outperforms the Production Camera in low light (less noise pattern, availability of 1600 ISO)

Watch the video to see these two popular cameras in action, and to learn Sapolsky's conclusions.

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