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Great-looking vintage aviation showreel

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Yannick BartheYannick Barthe 2013 Showreel

Here's a showreel that we're bringing to not because it's full of CGI or motion capture, and not because it's been filmed at a trillion frames per second on a specialist camera costing $300,000. It's just the result of the everyday work of the cameraman, using relatively modest  kit

The results are fantastic. You'd expect them to be with such fantastic subjects to film: old, still working aircraft. And the vantage point isn't bad, either - much of this was shot from the aircraft themselves.

A quick sidenote: did anyone else notice that there's no visible rolling shutter in the propeller shots? We're assuming that these were shot with the Sony PMW-320.

Nicely graded

The film's nicely graded, too, with a natural look that nevertheless brings out the bright colours of the aircraft.

Here are Yannick's production notes, including his equipment list:


The season 2013 is over and it's time to have a look on my new showreel with the highlights of my work as filmmaker, cameraman and editor specialized in aviation films and aerial disciplines videos. This year started in January with the aerial filming of the new "Total Gaz" Eco Balloon over "Le Creux-du-Van" in Switzerland. The rest of the season I was mainly involved on two important projects : the video cover of the Patrouille Suisse on several airshows in Switzerland and abroad and the filming of my new forthcoming documentary about the Super Constellation.

Each project, independently of the amount of work, is first of all a team work. Many thanks to all of you (my friends, the pilots, the mechanics, the airshows organizers, ...) for your collaboration in my video projects.

A special thanks to Franziska for her important support and her help on filmings or at home when I work long hours on my Mac for editing. Many thanks for your collaboration : Patrouille Suisse Commander, pilots and mechanics, Super Constallation Crew, Maurice O. Troesch, Ernst Frei, Xavier Buffa, Alain Bes, Pierrick Duvoisin, Arnaud Favre, Cédric Burri, Nicolas Tièche, Claude Tièche, Pauline Martin, Daniel Ramseier, Brian Jones, Guillaume Féral, Tim Ellison, Tahan Pangaribuan, Michel Barras and all the handiflight pilots and guests, Jérôme Cusin, Isidor von Arx, Christophe Meyer, Air-Glaciers, Lauberhorn Ski Race, Salon de Provence Airshow, Airpower Airshow, Dittingen Flugtage, Mollis Zigermeet, Samedan Airport, Basel EuroAirport and Zurich Airport.

Video gear and equipment :
Sony FS100
Sony Alpha 99
GoPro 2, GoPro 3

Filmed and edited by Yannick Barthe, yannickbarthe.ch.
Music by Chris Haigh. Edited and graded on Final Cut Pro 7.


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